SUMMARY: xkernel/GNU/gcc/what-a-mess

From: Drew Montag (millidc!indigo!djm@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Wed Dec 11 1991 - 14:17:53 CST

Dear Sun-Managers:

Thanks for the many replies (only one mild flame). As usual, the list came
through again!

My original message:

>Dear Sun-Managers:
>I need your help. I've been asked to get our old Sun-3 machines up and running
>as X Terminals, and heard that the Public Domain program called "xkernel" was
>the way to go.
>So, I pulled Version 3.1 over from "" and unpacked it.
>The installation instructions say that I need the GNU versions of "gcc" and
>"make" to make "xkernel".
>So, I pulled Version 1.37.1 of "gcc" from "" and unpacked it.
>Now I'm trying to get "gcc" going, and it won't "make". Here's what I get:
>prompt# cd /usr/local/src/gcc/gcc
>prompt# config.gcc sun3-os4
>Linked `config.h' to `./config/xm-m68k.h'.
>Linked `tm.h' to `./config/tm-sun3.h'.
>Linked `md' to `./config/'.
>Linked `aux-output.c' to `./config/out-m68k.c'.
>Links are now set up for use with a sun3-os4.
>prompt# make
>cc -g -DUW -DXC -I. -I. -I./config \
> -DSTANDARD_STARTFILE_PREFIX=\"/usr/misc/ipsc/XC/lib/\" \
> -DSTANDARD_EXEC_PREFIX=\"/usr/misc/ipsc/XC/lib/gcc-\" -c \
> `echo ./gcc.c | sed 's,^\./,,'`
>cc -c -g -DUW -DXC -I. -I. -I./config version.c
>cc -c -g -DUW -DXC -I. -I. -I./config obstack.c
>cc -g -DUW -DXC -o gccnew gcc.o version.o obstack.o
>ld: Undefined symbol
> _alloca
>*** Error code 2
>make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `gcc'
>This leads to two questions:
> 1) Is "xkernel" indeed the best way to go? Is there something else that's
> better and/or easier to setup and use?
> 2) If "xkernel" is the way to go, is there some kind GNU expert out there
> who will take pity on me and tell me how to get "gcc" up and running?
> Why do I have the "/usr/misc/ipsc/XC/lib/" stuff in there? What's up
> with "_alloca"? Help!
>I'm doing these operations on my SPARCstation 1+, running SunOS 4.1.1. The
>Sun-3 machines that I'm trying to get running as X Terminals are 3/60's and
>3/110's, all running SunOS 4.0.3.

As it turns out, the main problem is that there are two different "Public Domain"
programs with the same name. Peter Kaldis (peter@Civil.Concordia.CA) summed it
up best:

> ... the basic error you've made with
>mixing up the public domain protocol development and research xkernel
>from and the xkernel hack written by Seth Robertson to turn
>3/50s into xterminals.

Yes, I had FTP-ed over "xkernel" from "", but what I really
wanted was "Xkernel" (note the "X" vs. "x") from "". The
"Xkernel" package is much easier to install than "xkernel", and it doesn't need

That brings me to the other portion of my original message: "gcc". Many people
offered suggestions on how to get it going, and a lot of people pointed out that
Version 1.37.1 is not the latest. The current version appears to be 1.40 from
"". I didn't bother getting this, since I don't need it.

So, I'm in the process of trying to get "Xkernel" Version 1.4 working, but that's
another story. I might contact some of you individually with specific questions,
now that I have your E-Mail addresses. ;-)

Many thanks to the following people for their help:

Jim ??? uunet!!jjd
Brent Alan Wiese uunet!!brent
John Hasley uunet!!hasley
Keith White uunet!csi.UOttawa.CA!kwhite
Tasuki Hirata uunet!!sukes
Peter Kaldis uunet!Civil.Concordia.CA!peter
Bruce Oneel uunet!!oneel
Seth Robertson uunet!!seth
William R. Palenske uunet!fed!m1wrp99
Ian Johnson CMIM uunet!!icj
Russ Button uunet!!button
Kennedy Lemke uunet!MITL.COM!lemke
Gregory Higgins uunet!!higgins
Edward Vielmetti uunet!!emv
Patrick Lynn Shopbell uunet!!pls
Hal Pomeranz uunet!!pomeranz
Brian Field uunet!!field
Jim Mattson uunet!cs.UCSD.EDU!mattson
Michael Maciolek uunet!!mikem
Martin A. Leisner uunet!!leisner.henr801c
Andrew Luebker uunet!!aahvdl
Oran Davis uunet!!oran
Loki Jorgenson uunet!!loki
Axel Eble uunet!IMBI.Uni-Freiburg.DE!Axel.Eble
Evan Foster uunet!!evan
Daniel Trinkle uunet!!trinkle
Paul A. Scowen uunet!!uk1
Sheryl Coppenger uunet!!sheryl
Ted Nolan SRI Ft Bragg uunet!!ted
Mike Willett uunet!!mike
Simon Leinen uunet!!simon
Elizabeth Lo uunet!!elo
Scott Ballantyne uunet!hotmomma!sdb

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