Re: too good to be true ? (cheap SIMMs) -- Summary

From: Yuval Tamir (
Date: Fri Dec 13 1991 - 13:42:50 CST

In article <> I wrote:
        S&S Corporation in San Jose (408-978-6216)
        is quoting $142 per 4Mx9 70ns SIMM (quantity 4).
        This price seems too good to be true.
        Others are in the 160-170 range.

        Has anybody else matched this price (142) ?

        I would like to hear from people who have dealt with S&S.
        Are they legit ?

I have not heard from anyone who has dealt with S&S.
A couple of people have said that there are *better* prices
to be found in PC Week.
There is some worry about whether these SIMMs will work with a SparcStation 2.
S&S says they will.
BTW, the $142 price is not a typo...

                           Yuval Tamir

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