SUMMARY: Problem with odd blocksizes on 9-track tape drives

From: Ken Rossman (
Date: Fri Jun 28 1991 - 14:37:15 CDT

Thanks to all who offered to help out with the tape controller problem I
mentioned earlier. This isn't really much of a summary, since I only got
back one answer that really counted (which I might have spotted myself had
I just RTFM).

Thanks to:

  polstra!jdp@uunet.UU.NET (John Polstra)

for the following bit of revealing information:

  ..check out XT(4S) in the manual pages:

> Record sizes are restricted to an even number of bytes.

OK, so that answers WHY I was seeing what I was seeing. The only question
left in my mind now is (and it's a rhetorical one), is this a hardware
restriction or a device driver problem? But that's not for this list...

BTW, John also pointed out that I had the controller number wrong:

  The Xylogics 451 is a disk controller, not a tape controller. You must
  mean the Xylogics 472 tape controller.

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