SUMMARY: DNS and kill -HUP

From: Brent A. Bice (
Date: Fri Jul 05 1991 - 14:43:55 CDT

Once again, this list proves itself! It turns out that one of the other
system adminstrators here had moved some of the stuff around in /etc/rc.local
and named needed to be started a little later... Thanks to all who replied.
I also found a problem in my /etc/resolv.conf while trackin' this down
(thanks Bob)!

Thanks again to: (Bob Cunningham) (Steve Bellovin) (James J Dempsey) (Morry Katz)
jcurran@SH.CS.NET (John Curran)

From: atlantis! (Bob Cunningham)

Just a thought, but be sure and double-check your /etc/resolv.conf
on the machine in question and ALL your NIS servers for any
possible inconsistencies.

From: atlantis!

At least once upon a time, on HUP named would forget about the preferred
ordering of returned nets. That is, the sorlist command (in named.boot)
was consulted only on the initial startup; if you reconfigured, that
information was lost. Perhaps you have a buggy sortlist?

Btw, that behavior has since been fixed, at least by Berkeley. But
SunOS isn't running the latest named, so I don't know what the status

                --Steve Bellovin

Actually, after looking in the answerbook, it looks as if the sortlist
command is unused... "The domain and sortlist lines, which were used in
previous versions of in.named, are no longer used."

From: James J Dempsey <atlantis!>

When named starts up, it contacts the root name servers which aren't
on your local network. Somewhere in your rc.local file you probably
have an /etc/route command to tell your system where the first hop
gateway is. Make sure that this /etc/route occurs before named is
started. This happened to me and I couldn't figure it out for the
longest time.


From: atlantis! (Morry Katz)

I would add the -d9 flag to the place where in.named is started to
dump a full error log. I would then look in the log for a possible
explanation. Just a wild idea, but is it possible that you are
storing named.boot in a nonstandard location which is not yet
accessable when you start in.named?
Morry Katz
Rockwell Science Center (machine administration issues) (other)

From: atlantis!jcurran%SH.CS.NET

  Named has some interestind startup processing that relates to the processing
  of its cache file (usually ""). If it hangs during initialization,
  a SIGHUP can cause it to proceed with normal processing.

  What can cause a hang in startup? Total network failure, meaning it can't
  reach any of the root servers (unlikely). Consistently bad format for all
  the nameserver data (too many "9"'s for example).
  The documentation is not muhc help at this point. I would make sure that
  your syslog is working and then start named with the debug flag "-d" and
  check the messages in the log.
  If this doesn't point to the problem, please send me an email.


   Brent Bice
   Applied Computing Systems (505) 662-3309
   Los Alamos, NM "Visualize Whirled Peas!"

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