SUMMARY: suntools dies - 'byte displacement overflow at x'

From: Gary Casterline (
Date: Wed Jul 03 1991 - 21:32:09 CDT

My original plea:

>One of our stations (sun4/65, sun4c, SunOS-4.1 )
>won't start suntools any more. I get messages:
> byte displacement overflow at x
>However, by redirecting stderr to a file,
>I can get the windows to come up.
>Here is a piece of a 'trace suntools':
           (.. trace deleted ..)
I got one response and it turned out to be sufficient. (Dean Grover)
>You may have a corrupted sunview binary or shared library...

Bingo! I got fresh copies of /usr/lib/lib{suntool,sunwindow}.so.0.53
and now it works fine. Thanks for the tip and encouragement.

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