SUMMARY: Fuji 2266SA hardware errors on SS-2

From: Gilbert E. Detillieux (
Date: Fri Jul 05 1991 - 12:21:28 CDT

Wow! What a response. This list is great.

Yesterday, I posted the following:
> We've got a SPARCstation acting as a server to a handfull of other SPARC's.
> It has 3 large disk drives, two Fujitsu M2266SSA's and one Seagate Wren 7,
> each about 1.2GB, on a SCSI bus. These disks have been working without
> any errors for weeks (months?) on a SPARC-1.
> We recently upgraded to a SPARCstation-2 as the server. Only the system
> unit (CPU, memory, SCSI interface, etc.) changed. The same disks and tape
> drives (and the same SunOS 4.1.1 GENERIC kernel) are still being used.
> Since then, we've been getting lots of read errors from both of the Fuji
> drives, but not from the Wren 7.
... (etc.) ...

My thanks to the following, who all gave basically the same answer:
        Russell Ruby <russ@MATH.ORST.EDU> (Mike McFaul)
        "Ric Anderson" <>
        John Demco <>
        mikulska@ece.UCSD.EDU (Margaret Mikulska)
        David Carter <>
        Trent MacDougall <>
        Steve Hanson <>

Best answer awards go to John Demco and Trent MacDougall, who gave the
actual jumpers to change:

According to John Demco:
> We had the same problem with a couple of Fuji 2266s attached to a
> SPARC 2. Our distributor suggested that the read-ahead caching in the
> drive may be causing problems with the device driver somehow. We
> disabled read-ahead caching, by removing the jumper from pins 5-6 on
> CN3/CN9, and haven't had an error since. Apparently it may also be
> possible to get a newer PROM from Fujitsu; we haven't pursued this.

According to Trent MacDougall:
> We had this problem too. There is a firmware bug in the drive to do
> with the read-ahead cache. Contact your supplier and get the firmware
> upgrade. For now you can remove jumpers 5,6 on CN9.

I haven't implemented the fix yet, but I'm confident this will do it.
Thanks again to all who replied.

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