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From: Andy Stefancik 234-3049 (bcstec!eerpf001!
Date: Mon Jul 08 1991 - 11:38:22 CDT

        The only response I got suggested a jumbo patch, but also
said that was for 4.1, not 4.0.3.
        Epoch called back and said to make the rsize,wsize options
greater than 2k. I thought the default was 8k and
Epoch said
they didn't know the default. Well I set rsize and wsize to
4096 bytes on the mount option and the ls problem went away. I
then specifically set rsize, wsize to 8192 and the
ls trouble
returned. So I'm going to put 4096 options on all
the mounts as
it looks like a Sun bug.
        I still have a ticket open with Sun, but haven't heard
from them yet.

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