Summary: SCSI Tape Errors

Date: Mon Jul 08 1991 - 12:18:32 CDT

In short, the problem was that the SCSI tape device driver seems to hang
if interrupted during a write - the only fix being a reboot.

The suggested solutions were...

  1. Get the tape synchonization error patch.

I already have the patch which does fix the tape sync problems but this
seems to be unrelated or, at least, a different problem.

  2. Power cycle the drive.

I have. Occasionaly this works but usually not.

  3. mt -f /dev/rstn reset

I have not tried this yet and am not sure what it is since the SunOS man
pages do not list a "reset" argument. Next time the device hangs, I will
try it and see.

Charlie Taylor
UF Astronomy

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