SUMMARY: CD-ROM on non-sun4c machines

From: David Harrison (
Date: Thu Jul 04 1991 - 14:02:25 CDT

Earlier this week I asked about using a CD-ROM player on non-sun4c
machines. To briefly recap:

> Sun claims that their CD-ROM drive does not work on 4/110, 4/140,
> 4/260, 4/280 machines, and "MUST" be on a SS[12] on the network...]

People were unanimous that any of these machines can READ from Sun's
CD-ROM. The problem is in booting.

Below I will summarise the information I received for the various
machines. First a few general comments:


One must include HSFS in the kernel.

One person said that regular (non-Sun) CD-ROM's will work for UFS
and HSFS mounting, but will never work as a boot device.

Young Minds writes drivers for Toshiba CD-ROMs on a variety of
Sun machines. They may have a driver for Sun's CD-ROM also.
Their phone number is: (714) 335-1350.

Sun is unlikely to ever support their CD-ROM on non-sun4c machines.
"Open systems: we're opening our warehouse to sell you lots more


The rev levels necessary to boot are:
        boot prom >= approximately 2.8 (some confusion here).

In terms of cpu/SCSI revs:
        cpu rev level 26, SCSI-3 rev level 11: boots
        cpu rev level 12, SCSI-3 rev level 4: doesn't boot

Another approach is to get the Sun Common SCSI Arch (SCSA) driver
as a special from Sun Consulting. This is bundled with the sun4c

The cable Sun ships won't work. You need a SCSI-1 (Centronics-like)
on one end (for the board) and an SCSI-2 connector on the other
(for the drive).


No information on revs necessary to boot.

You have to either open up the pedastal and hook the CD up to the
extra connector that runs from the 1/4" tape drive, or buy the
SCSI Host Adaptor from Sun.


One person reported that he could boot with:
        b sd(,30,1)
with a boot prom without a sr device.

FINALLY -- I have been amazed at the number of people who took the
trouble to mail helpful well thought out information; most arrived
with 12 hours of my posting. In > 10 years of reading the news I have
never seen such a high signal-to-noise ratio as this group, or
experienced such a volume of helpful replies. The "honor roll" follows. (Gerard A. Robinson) (Alain Brossard EPFL-SIC/SII)
John A. Murphy <jam@philabs.Philips.Com>
bparent@calvin.UCSD.EDU (Brian Parent)
J Eric Townsend <JET@UH.EDU>
Christopher Hoover <ch@lks.CSI.COM>
J Eric Townsend <JET@UH.EDU>
eplrx7!mcneill@uunet.UU.NET (Keith McNeill)
Fons Ullings <> (Steve Jay)
Michael Squires <>
Mike Raffety <ronnoco!>
kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
mikulska@ece.UCSD.EDU (Margaret Mikulska) (Geert Jan de Groot)
rcvie! (Gerhard Holzer) (Mark Plotnick)
Chip Christian <>
"Anthony A. Datri" <> (Charles Foley)
alux5!lbd (Leslie Dreyer +1 215 770 2795) (Larry Bierma) (Brian White) (Hal Pomeranz) (Ron Stanonik) (Doug Neuhauser) (Robert Kuhn)
napier@ames.UCSD.EDU (Jim Napier)
bcook@Kodak.COM (Bill Cook) (Steve Grandi)

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