SUMMARY: EXB-8200 (r)ejecting new tapes

Date: Mon Jul 08 1991 - 20:11:56 CDT

Thanks for the 50+ responses, some with suggestions, some just to confirm that
they're noticing it too.
Some of the suggestions/comments were:
   1) The Exabytes are known to be sensitive to tape tension. Try retensioning.
   2) Power cycle the drive and/or the system. Seemed to work for some folks.
   3) Wind tape a couple of turns on the takeup reel. ( Tried and confirmed. )
   4) Try an Exatape. (for 35.00/tape Exabyte better do my backups for me. )
   5) The drive must be busted, get another. Efficient, but not practical.

 I feel great relief to know that what I thought was potentially a very stupid
question, would actually put alot of minds at ease when they heard the answer.

The most authoritative response ( and the correct one in my case ) was from
Mark Kimball ( He writes:

>> This is a well-known problem with Exabyte 8200s that surfaced a few months
>> ago. Sony changed the tape position relative to the hubs to overcome a
>> problem with VCRs rejecting the tape, and this change has caused a positioning
>> error with the Exabyte. It only happens on new tapes, because after the tape
>> is rejected once, the tape is positioned correctly for a successful retry!
>> You need Exabyte firmware revision 2618 to fix the problem. The EXB-8500
>> does not exhibit this problem.

For such a "well known" problem I'm surprised that at least two Exabyte techies
were clueless. Well, now it's more well known. Thanks Mark.

I suspect in the more general case, for those of you who have been seeing this
problem/symptom for a long time, this problem must exist in batches of other
manufacturers tapes also. I have it from several video stores that Sony and
Fuji tapes are one in the same. Fuji makes them.

For those of you who are seeing it in used tapes also, then your guess is as
good as anyones. Call Exabyte and find someone who's heard of it. If they get
enough calls then maybe they'll all get wise to the issue.

Finally, thanks again to all who responded and sorry for the delayed summary.

Phil Antoine
Duke Medical Center
Radiation Oncology Physics

"Cute phrases amuse simple minds." "See what I mean?"

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