SUMMARY: Dual ported SMD - no easy solutions

From: Mahlon Stacy 4-4558 (
Date: Tue Jul 09 1991 - 12:38:27 CDT

Thanks to the few but important respondents regarding my question:

>Has anyone successfully attached more than one system to a CDC dual ported
>SMD disk drive?

The best answer, which we have not yet pursued, was from yet another
unnamed Sun CE:

>You don't say which controller you are using (xy/xd or 451/753) but SUn
>has had the hooks in at least the 451 driver for quite some time. Sun
>Consluting did this a while back for some customers (I used to be part
>of the group) and I believe they've left it in, although unsupported, since
>then in the mainline driver.
>'Twould be a good idea to contact your local Consluting group.

an unnamed CE at Sun.COM, after suitable disclaimer, said it would be
"doable but would require work". A driver rewrite was suggested.

I received 2 answers from users with knowledge of getting it to work
on VAXen, with varied success.

One user said he asked Sun about this, and they enrolled him in abandoning
the idea.

Thanks to all who replied!


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