SUMMARY: A Quantum ProDrive on a 3/50 ?!?

From: Mike Jipping (
Date: Sat Jul 13 1991 - 03:56:27 CDT

My original request:

> We have a lone Sun 3/50 left among our SPARCstations. It is a poor diskless
> relic among much faster and spiffier relatives and no one uses it any more.
> I have been thinking about dragging it home and getting a cheap shoebox
> for it.
> Our hardware guy was in the other day repairing a disk drive and mentioned
> that -- if the cabling was right -- one could use a Quantum ProDrive (or
> any other drive made for internal SPARCstation use) as a drive for a 3/50.
> He said one could use a PC power supply and the right cable to get that
> ol' machine back up and running.
> Has anyone tried this? Could an internal SPARCstation drive conceivably
> go onto a Sun with an external SCSI port?

And the answer is...Yes. Since a SCSI is a SCSI is a SCSI, no problem.
You would need a power supply and cabling. A PC power supply is fine --
I scrounged one from a junk PC -- but you could go the spiffier route and
buy a power supply with enclosure. As for cabling, it's a straight
pin-to-pin kind of cable, so a flat ribbon cable with push-on connectors
from an electronic house (like Newark Electronics) would do. Since I'm
all toes with little itty-bitty wires, I found a shop that'll do it for

   CS Electronics 3 foot flat cable => $18
   1342 Bell Ave. 3 foot round, shielded => $42
   Suite 3C
   Tustin, CA 92680
   Phone: (714) 259-9100 (voice)
          (714) 259-0911 (fax)

Two things to remember: The drives need to be terminated. These are
special terminators that fit into the sockets above the connectors on the
drive. And I was reminded several times of the Xkernel implementation by
Seth Robertson that turns your 3/50 into an X terminal.

Many thanks to all who replies (see below). Special thanks go to Eddie
Brown, show answered endless questions about cables.

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