SUMMARY: 2 frame buffers on IPC

From: Eric A. Pearce (
Date: Mon Jul 15 1991 - 04:21:05 CDT

Sorry about the lateness of this, I haven't had a chance to play
with it until now.

My original question was:

        I have an IPC with a cgthree sbus card and the usual
        monochrome port on the cpu. I hear it is possible
        to use both at the same time, but I didn't see anything
        mentioning this in the manuals. With both frame buffers
        plugged in, just the color one works. If I change the
        sbus-probe-list variable in the prom so the monochrome
        gets hit first, the monochrome port works and color one
        doesn't. What am I missing here? I'm using 2 19" monitors,
        one 8 bit color and the other greyscale.

And some additional details:

        I'm running SunOS 4.1.1

        The devices /dev/bwtwo0 and /dev/cgthree0 are in /dev

        The system sees them when it boots:

        cgthree0 at SBus slot 2 0x0 pri 7
        bwtwo0 at SBus slot 3 0x0 pri 7

        sbus-probe-list is 0123 (the default)

        I wanted to know how to run the MIT R4 server on both
        screens, but it turns out SunView and OpenWindows will
        also work. (MIT R5 beta does too...)

        I didn't try setting XDEVICE

        It is really cool when you get it going

        % xinit -dev /dev/cgthree0 -dev /dev/bwtwo0


        % openwin -dev /dev/cgthree0 -dev /dev/bwtwo0
        (Start an olwm for each display)

        On cg3 display:

        % sunview

        In shell window:

        % sunview -d /dev/bwtwo0 &
        % adjacentscreens /dev/cgthree0 -l /dev/bwtwo0


Thanks to:

Blair MacIntyre <> (Randy garrett)
oconnor!ronnoco! (Mike Raffety) (Alexander Dupuy)
stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant) (Martin Peter) (Matt Goheen) (Daniel Smith)

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