SUMMARY: Configuring SGI Iris with Sun nameserver

From: Andrew Luebker (
Date: Fri Jul 12 1991 - 23:16:25 CDT

PROBLEM: A Silicon Graphics "Personal Iris" machine running
         IRIX release 3.3.2 did not find a nearby Sun nameserver
         machine listed in "resolv.conf", even with the search
         hierarchy ("hostresorder") explicitly bypassing YP.

RESPONSES: 1. Be sure to include "hostresorder local bind"
              (or vice versa) to force the SGI to bypass YP.
           2. To also bypass YP on the Sun, you must recompile
              telnet, ftp, etc.
           3. Older versions of IRIX might be incompatible with
              SunOS. Try running the SGI PI's by themselves.
           4. Set up the SGI as YP server for the Sun machines.
           5. Look for netmask/broadcast mask mismatches between
              the SGI and Sun machines.

SOLUTION: On the SGI machines, "resolv.conf" belongs under the
          "/usr/etc" directory.

Thanks for the help!
  -Andrew Luebker-

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