SUMMARY: Panic: mmu_getpmg

From: Brian Kelley (dgsi!euler!
Date: Tue Jul 16 1991 - 17:59:07 CDT

Sun-Managers does it again! My original posting:

 When I do the usual 'b st()' to boot from the tape, the tape drive runs for
 a while and then I get the message:
 Panic: mmu_getpmg

The first correct solution came from Don Hooper (hoop@khonshu.Colorado.EDU):

>Well known problem, I'm afraid. I got this from the Read Me First that came >with 4.1.1 and my new IPC; it is Bug Id: 1046408 . >Apparently booting a sparcstation class machine with certain SCSI peripherals >can result in the mmu_getpmg error. The work around is to type the following >line to the "ok" prompt: >7f fff0.0000 smap! >I've no idea what any of that means, but I did that, and then "boot tape", etc., >worked fine. My Read Me First has a Sun Part Number of 800-6185-10, Revision >A of 25 January 1991.

It qualifies as the most unusual thing I've ever had to type at the Ok boot prompt (though when the system wasn't booting some interesting alternatives ran through my head :-) Once I typed it, everything booted fine.

Thanks to everyone who responded: (Steve Simmons) Don Hooper <hoop@khonshu.Colorado.EDU> stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant) synergy!sun!Aus!kevins@Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Phil Ritzenthaler) (Marc Cohen) Mike Raffety <oconnor!> rick%pgt1@Princeton.EDU (Rick Mott) (Brian Keves - Consultant) Marc Cohen <>

- Brian


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