Summary: BIND/FTP problem

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Thu Jul 18 1991 - 12:00:57 CDT

Previously I wrote:
>A user running 4.1.1 with NIS and BIND reports that FTP doesn't
>resolve host names. I had him perform the following to confirm the
>problem, which I was unable to duplicate under 4.1 w/o NIS.
># /usr/etc/nslookup bindtst
>Name: msr.epm.ORNL.GOV
>Aliases: bindtst.ORNL.GOV
># ftp bindtst
>bindtst: unknown host
>ftp> quit
>Anybody else seen this? Does it work under 4.1 w/NIS?

I neglected to mention that the user also reported mail was resolving
names correctly. This is what led me to believe it was FTP-specific.

The problem, as many people pointed out, was the "-b" flag in the NIS
makefile, which was commented out.

Other suggestions included making sure there was a ypbind running and
running ldconfig.

Thanks to all who replied.

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