SUMMARY: Translucent File Service

From: mark galbraith (
Date: Fri Jul 19 1991 - 19:14:07 CDT

Thanks to the people who responded I now am able to run the TFS on my network.
This will come in very handy for a project we have in mind.

My current Hall of Fame:

uunet!!seeger (F. L. Charles Seeger)
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uunet!!keves (Brian Keves - Consultant)
uunet!!vivian (Vivian Cava)

Special thanks go to Charles Seeger and Brian Keves for responding to my follow-
up plea for additional help. Both hit on the right answer, and the reason that
I was unable to get the TFS working in the first place. The problem was that our
YP server had an older version of the /etc/rpc file that did not contain an entry
for the tfsd. Once this was fixed, I had no problem getting TFS to work.

Once again, the list proves it's worth. A special thanks to all those system
administrators who take the time to read and reply to what sometimes seems like
a trivial question. You are the ones that make this list work.

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