SUMMARY: tfs problem

From: David St. Pierre (
Date: Thu Jul 18 1991 - 14:18:36 CDT

I posted a question last week recounting problems with running TFS file
systems in a C2 environment. What I had tried to make clear was that running
the exact same setup (WRT to mount points, permissions, but minus C2)
worked on a different machine.

Based on the responses I received, I would suggest that people having TFS
problems and *not* running C2 take a look at directory permissions on both
the underlying file system as well as the TFS file system, to make sure that
isn't the problem.

That wasn't my problem. I went back to Sun hotline and escalated the problem.
I was finally told that it is "fixed in the next release" but that apparently
a patch is not planned for earlier than that.

There is apparently a release between now and 5.0. Maybe September, who knows?

Thanks all.

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