SUMMARY: rdist: connection failed: version number ...

Date: Tue Jul 23 1991 - 10:29:41 CDT

Thanks to the following, who responded to my posting, which is reproduced

>TFM (SunOS 4.0.1) says: "A complaint about mismatch of rdist version
>numbers may really stem from some problem with starting your shell, for
>example, you are in too many groups."
>Can anyone amplify this?
>My specific problem is inability to update files with rdist on non-Sun hosts
>from a Sun. Some of the remote hosts are running SCO Xenix TCP/IP
>Runtime; others are running Network Research's Fusion TCP/IP; all
>have correct .rhosts and manually doing rcp's works fine. It's just
>'rdist' that fails, and that only on non-Sun remote hosts.

Most of the respondees suggested looking at the .cshrc on the remote
host. This, however, was not the right direction in which to look.

As my request indicates, the 'rdist' was failing on *non* Sun hosts;
those hosts are running System V, rather than BSD-derived OS's
(in this case, SCO Xenix and SCO UNIX).
pointed out, as did,
that 'rdist' looks for /usr/ucb/rdist on the remote host. Since
SCO Xenix and UNIX, as well as the Network Research product, don't
include 'rdist,' the command fails.

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