SUMMARY: coast to coast nfs

From: Michael Ryan (
Date: Wed Jul 24 1991 - 15:40:00 CDT

On 2 July I posted questions relating to running NFS between CA and NY in
support of a software development team. I would like to thank all who
replied, especially,, and

> can we connect nfs usefully from california to new york?

Not vanilla nfs. The high delay and error rates of such a connection would
make nfs a bad choice. Our connection would run through a number of
networks exasperating the situation.

However, to run nfs coast to coast one could:

a. run PPP between the 2 networks using dial-up.
b. configure/tune NFS by setting
    - retransmission code on both ends
    - set UDP checksumming in your kernels
      (found in /syus/netinet/in_proto.c)
      OR ensure your link level net stuff has error checking
    - run SunOS 4.1.1
c. automount with HARD mounts, described as painful but worthwhile.

OR you can scrap the whole thing an maintain consistent parallel source
trees using rdist. (I had never heard of it before)

OR configure AFS between the sites. AFS = Andrew File System, available
from Transarc.

key: decide how the code is going to be used. do the users need to share
a file system or do they need to stay roughly up-to-date?

        michael ryan

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