SUMMARY/SOLUTION: dtr problem on 3/60 running 4.1.1

From: Joe Pruett (tessi!
Date: Tue Jul 23 1991 - 20:16:29 CDT

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i have a 3/60 running 4.1.1 with a trailblazer 2500 hooked up for dialin/out.
every few days, the computer will drop dtr and never raise it again until
a reboot. during this period, the getty process shows up attached to ttya
instead of ? (according to ps), and when killed, goes into <exiting> mode.
i've installed patch 100225 (which has to do with flow control problems) but
that hasn't changed the behaviour at all.

does anyone have a suggestion (other than buy a sparc :-)?

ps: dialout stills works while the modem is in this state.
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other people were experiencing the same thing on sun3 and sun4 machines.
Dean Long <> said to adb my kernel and change zsadtrlow
from 3 to 5, and that seems to have fixed the problem. thanks for the
help, everyone!

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