Summary - Resetting the modem to auto-answer after a UUCP connection.

Date: Tue Jul 23 1991 - 23:12:37 CDT

  I originally asked how to make sure my modem reset itself to auto-answer
after UUCP dialed out with it. The settings that UUCP used to configure
the modem turned off auto-answer for some reason. I never did figure out
why the settings in /etc/uucp/Dialers were causing auto answer to be
turned off, but several people helped me configure the modem to take
care of itself.

  The best suggestion was:

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The way we configure our modems here is that we place the dial-in settings
as the power-up default settings. Then we setup the option to do a power-up
reset when DTR drops. This combined with the hardware carrier detect has
the effect of completely reseting the modem after every connection.

I do not know which registers to use on a Zoom modem but look for the
reset on DTR dropping and the reset on CD dropping.


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On the Zoom, and probably any Hayes modem, you'd do:

  ATS0=1 (Turn on auto-answer)
  AT&W0 (Write out the settings to NVRAM, first saved settings.)
  AT&Y0 (Use the settings stored in the first position on power up.)
  AT&D3 (Restore settings on DTR going off.)

  My problem turned out the be that I didn't have an NVRAM! (Somewhere
in the manual I found the key phrase "the optional NVRAM ...") However,
the Zoom has some jumpers that allow you to set it to always auto-answer,
so that's what I did.

  Many thanks to everyone who helped!


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