SUMMARY: higher-capacity hard drives in SS1's

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Date: Wed Jul 24 1991 - 12:03:29 CDT

My original query was:
>I am interested in replacing Quantum 105s drives in Sparcstation
>1 systems with larger-capacity drives. I would like to solicit opinions/
>experiences from the management community. My concerns are, among others,
>the amount of usable space available, heat buildup, power consumption,
>speed, and reliability. Please address any information to me directly
>and I will summarize to the list.
>Thanks in advance,
I received seven replies, with opinions ranging from "don't do it" to
"no problems so far...". Specific points made were:
o One person mentions that it is SUN's opinion that it is a very bad
   idea to use anything other than Quantum 104s... I have not verified
   this with SUN but I tend to believe that is their offical position.
o A SUN 207Mb and a Quantum 425 in a SS II works well...
o Some feel 200MB per drive is the only safe upper limit. Connor CP3200-F
   and Maxtor drives were brand names mentioned.
o One user says he has a Maxtor 525MB 3.5" drive mounted internally (comes
   with mounting hardware) in his SS I. 3 year warranty, $1723. Also says
   the companies AnDataCo and Computer Systems Technology ( I have no
   addresses on either) says one drive of this capacity in an SS I is OK,
   especially if it is the only internal drive in the unit.
There you have it. The decision is yours from here. If we decide to go
this route, I will make a follow-up post to let everyone know how it went.
If others try/are using larger internal drives, I would appreciate a message
addressed to me on your experiences and advice.
Many thanks to the following people (in date order): (Eugene H. Simpson III) (Hal Pomeranz) (Dave Sill)
aldrich@sunrise.Stanford.EDU (Jeff Aldrich) (Richard Kurtz)
eplrx7! (Keith McNeill) (Douglas N. Arnold)
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