From: Len Evens (
Date: Wed Jul 24 1991 - 16:58:40 CDT

        I recently asked for information on how to get
Openwindows to work on a Sparcstation 2 with a GS graphics
board. I would like to thank the many helpful people who
responded. In addition, I did get some useful information
from Sun.
        The upshot of what we learned is the following.
One must indeed install the GFX software on top
of OS 4.1.1 in order to get Openwindows to work, but then
it will only work in monochrome. (However, Sunview will
work in color.) Openwindows
will work in color under version 3.0 for which there is
currently a beta test version. It is not clear when the
official version will be available, but `later this year'
is what we hear.

        Since the person who bought this equipment was
assured it would work under Openwindows, he will now have
to discuss the matter with the salesman and see what
he can arrange.

        I was amazed at the amount of detailed useful
information I got so quickly, but unfortunately I didn't
save the responses because I had alreadt learned most of
it from Sun. I apologize for not acknowledging help from
so many knowledgeable people.

Leonard Evens 708-491-5537
Dept. of Mathematics, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL 60208

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