SUMMARY : going from Sunview Cal Mgr to Openlook Cal Mgr.

From: Fran Sullivan (fmrco!stowe!
Date: Mon Jul 29 1991 - 10:59:17 CDT

Thanks for all the replies on moving the Sunview Calendar manager to
Openlook. Sorry it took me this long to summarize, I've been out of town.

What I tried and the winner was to run :


which resides in $OPENWINHOME/bin/xview

It moves the files into the correct place for openwindows. Out of the user's
home dir and into the spool directory

Upgrade_cm is a script for converting the older ~/.callog format to the newer

It needs to be run as superuser.

You can pass it the names of the users you want to upgrade. If you omit
the usernames, it will attempt to upgrade the .callog belonging to the
user you're logged in as.


A summary of other options (not tried) follows :

How about symbolic links e.g.
/user_directory/username/.callog -> /var/spool/calendar/callog.username

or vice-versa?

My solution would be to use the public domain "month" stuff, but what do
I know? :-)


My thanks to all who replied :

uunet!sunne.East.Sun.COM!stern (Hal Stern - Consultant)
uunet!igor!ddull (David Dull)
uunet!suntan.West.Sun.COM!larry.wake (Larry Wake - Sun San Diego SE)
Jim Battan <uunet!!battan>
uunet!Sun.COM!synergy!sun!fourx.Aus!kevin (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Richard Niziak <uunet!!ontologic!gremlin!rickn>

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