Summary: Netmasks and Broadcasting

From: Frank P. Bresz (
Date: Tue Jul 30 1991 - 10:26:08 CDT

Yesterday I asked :

> I have been trying to get my network to believe that I want to do
>subnetting of a class B address. However no matter what I do it keeps
>defaulting to a standard class B address. I have the netmasks.byaddr set
>correctly (I think) and I have enclosed my /etc/netmasks file as well.
>This file is on ALL of my machines via rdist. I even tried placing a
>ifconfig le0 <machine> netmask in the rc.boot but I just can
>not get this to work. Any and all help appreciated. If the answer is RTFM
>please tell me where, I couldn't find anything that said anything different
>than what I've already tried. Is it because I am mixing Class C and Class
>B? Another cog is that the DECStation 5000/200 machines I have seem to
>work OK, and in fact can even communicate with the suns even though they
>have different NETMASKS. I would like to try and resolve this as soon as I
>can so I can start adding another branch to my network.

        I was of course inundated with replies saying to use in
my netmasks file. Which I am in the progress of doing (I still don't know
how my DECStations were working I think with better broadcasting).

        Anyway I will be switching my broadcasting addresses to all ones as
suggested by many as well. Any idea why Sun does this? Any idea how we
can get them to change? I get a lot of Suns that are setup by novices with
no idea about this kind of stuff and controlling them may be difficult.

        Thanks much to : (Scott Hazen Mueller)
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