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Date: Tue Jul 30 1991 - 17:13:05 CDT

>> My question:

>> Is there a respository of perl scripts for system administrators?
>> If so, where? If not, we need one!

>> -Kathy Holle Schlumberger
>> UNIX Systems Manager Austin Systems Center
>> ARPANET: 8311 North FM 620 Road
>> UUCP:!!holle P. O. Box 200015
>> Austin, Texas 78720-0015

>> MANY thanks to those who took the time to reply!


From: "Fuat C. Baran" <>
    The System Administration Mailing List, Vol 1, issue 6 (Mar. 12, 1990)
    had a collection of perl scripts submitted by Tom Christiansen

    Send submissions to:

    Send requests to:

    Back-issues of the mailing list is available for anonymous ftp from
    the Systems Administration archives at Look
    in the directory ~ftp/unix/sysadmin.

From: Sheryl Coppenger <>
    I'm not aware of one just for administrators, but are you aware of
    the perl archive on Also, there is a
    Usenet news group comp.lang.perl (the source of most of these
    perlscripts) which is useful sometimes.

    I'm a new convert to perl. I've written a perl version of
    quot (because we only have quot on our suns) and a script to
    find all symbolic links on a directory. Now I'm doing a big
    job, rewriting the accounts software in perl with screens and
    everything. There is a package called "shellforms" which lets
    you create screens for sh/csh/ksh/perl scripts. It is available
    for anonymous ftp on uunet. If you use it with perl, you'll
    need a patch and example that I got from the author. I will
    volunteer to send a copy of my correspondence with the author
    (containing the patch & example) to anyone who requests it.

From: Andrew Purshottam <>
    I think there is a collection of perl scripts on

From: David Fetrow <>
    I don't know about that but there is a good way to search for this kind
    of thing if you are on the internet. You should get acquainted with
    "archie", the anonymous-FTP archive server. It's hopelessly overloaded
    but very helpful.

    rsh -l archie

    will access the original...satellite servers are being installed.

From: "Randal L. Schwartz" <> is the more-or-less official
    repository of useful Perl scripts, although a targeted audience of
    "system administrators" is not highlighted. New scripts are accepted
    in "incoming" under that directory.

    comp.lang.perl is the Usenet newsgroup to watch. If you don't read
    Usenet, the newsgroup is also two-way gatewayed to (with the standard for meta-conversations). If you have a
    sysadm need, *someone* in the 35,000 subscribers has probably already
    tackled it in Perl, so that's a good place to ask.

From: execu!!unisql! (Alfred Correira)
    How about the perl book?

>> Programming PERL, O'Reilly & Associates, $29.95, 1-800-338-6887 <<

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