SUMMARY: LaserWriter/Transcript problem

From: John M. Crowell (
Date: Wed Jul 31 1991 - 14:20:51 CDT

Thanks for all the responses. My original posting was:

> I've got a user with a LaserWriter NTX on a SS1, using SunTranscript.
> Most things work normally; but he only gets about six pages of
> many-more page files. These are not large files (c. 14 blocks)
> but many pages separarted by form-feeds.
> After six-or-so pages, the printing hangs, and the job eventually
> disappears from the print queue. Sometimes, but not always,
> there are messages in the log file such as:
> psif: printer sync problem [1]

What turned out to be the correct answer (but not actually the
solution) came from who clued me into the
correct entry in printcap of ms=crtscts. (The printer daemon
ignores the eeprom setting of ttyb-rts-dtr-off=false.

When the LaserWriter is configured for RTS/CTS handshaking,
this printcap option seems to do the trick.

The problem was worse than I thought, however. The PC's and XT's
that were also using the LaserWriter via a switchbox insisted upon
ETX/ACK handshaking (Don't ask me why. I don't DO pc's.)
Fortunaltely of the four settings for handshaking on the NTX,
(one for RTS/CTS, one for ETX/ACK, and two for XON/XOFF) one of
the XON/XOFF settings seems to satisfy the PC's too. (Probably does
both and confuses everyone.) Anyway the user is happy now; and
I am placated.

Much thanks to: ( Birger Wathne) (Ian MacPhedran) (Mike Raffety)
cook@stout.atd.ucar.EDU (Forrest Cook)

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