SUMMARY: extracting data from damaged tar tape

From: Mahlon Stacy 4-4558 (
Date: Thu Aug 01 1991 - 14:07:41 CDT

Thanks again for the quick responses, and useful info. The answers were divided
into several discernable groups:

Answers came from:

Group 1: Retension tape. Try mt -t /dev/rst0 retension (We had - no help)

Group 2: Tarx and it's earlier variants. This was the first approach I
tried, and it worked magnificently! Thanks to - Get Henry Spencer's tarx program

Group 3: Use dd. Try dd to see if the tape exhibits a media error.
        If so, probably out of luck. Try skipping with dd skip=XXXb. Use dd with conv=noerror Use dd with high blocksize Try dd if=/dev/nrst0 ibs=20b conv=noerr | tar xvf -
tgsmith@spdev.East.Sun.COM: dd if=/dev/tapedev of=foo conv=noerror
ensys!Energetic.COM!msm@bridge2.NSD.3Com.COM: dd if=/dev/nrst0 of=xxxx ibs=yyyb

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