Summary Addendum: disk questions

From: David LeVine,, 408-721-5317 (
Date: Fri Aug 02 1991 - 19:21:45 CDT

In my summary, I mentioned a couple of errors that appeared after formatting
the CDC 9720-1230 drives:

> There was some strangeness. When restoring the system disk, I received
> a couple of errors of the form:
> > xd0a write restore (drive not on cylinder) blk# 64 abs blk# 64
> The data seems to have been restored successfully and the system boots
> fine.

Thanks to the following two gentlemen:

        Jeff Nieusma <nieusma@cs.Colorado.EDU>
        John Valdes <>

This problem is now resolved. There is a jumper on these drives which can
enable or disable a 'sweep cycle'. This function was enabled, however, Sun
doesn't support it. Disabling it eliminated the problem. Thanks again.

        David LeVine

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