summary: problem with x29/pad sunlink 6.0 os 4.1.1

Date: Mon Aug 05 1991 - 05:02:41 CDT

Well thanks netlanders and to the ten or so of you who replied.
They all said pretty much the same thing. So had I read the release
notes I could have saved you the trouble.
Here is one summary . The first I received.

Mark Read

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The problem you are having is a known bug. See the "SunOS 4.1.1
Release & Install" binder, page 151 (chapter 10, section 10.4),
under the heading "setsid Problems when Running SunLink X.25
6.0". Alternatively, look at the man page for setsid(8) which
mentions the problem also.

What is happening is that processes descended from x29 lack a
controlling terminal so heaps of really useful commands, notably
the C shell, fail to work.

In case you are missing the release notes, the solution is the

Put a "wrapper" around the x29 server so that it acquires a
controlling terminal. There is a SunOS hack to do just this, a
program called `setsid'. Do the following as root:

        foo# cd /usr/sunlink/x25
        foo# mv x29 .x29
        foo# cat > x29
        /usr/etc/setsid -b /usr/sunlink/x25/.x29 "$@"
        foo# chmod a+x x29

Happy hacking,

Fergus O'Reilly

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