SUMMARY: zero divide trap when accessing an exabyte

From: Peter Wallace (
Date: Mon Aug 05 1991 - 02:10:25 CDT

At the end of May I posted the following:

>Several of our Sun4s crash with the following error

> 'tar': zero divide trap

>This started when we upgraded to SunOS 4.1.1 It occurs with mt as
>well as tar. As soon as you try and access the exabyte, the
>system will panic.

>On most systems this happens intermittently, but on one of our
         4/330s it will
>occur everytime.

> Any solutions?

I had many replies who suggested Patch # 100262-01. This did not work.

Sun have since come with a new patch ( 100280-02 ) which does fix the

Thanks to all those who responded.

Peter Wallace

pjw@deakin.OZ.AU Deakin University Computing Centre

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