SUMMARY: IP multicasting under SunOS

From: Jim Mason (
Date: Tue Aug 06 1991 - 17:35:32 CDT

Thanks to all who responded.

It turns out that SunOS doesn't support IP multicasting. The best bet
seems to be some extentions to 4.3BSD and SunOS written by Steve
Deering at Stanford. (This is available via anonymous ftp from as vmtp-ip/ipmulticast.tar, ipmulticast.README,
and ipmulti-sunos411.tar.Z)

Steve supplies sources for BSD code (like that in /usr/share/sys/netinet)
and diff files for proprietary code (e.g., /usr/share/sys/sunif). Our
platform is a 4/260 (4.0.3), so as it turned out, we needed only _one_
file from the source code distribution which we didn't have (sunif/if_ie.c,
the 3Com E-net driver to be exact)......Aaaaaaaargh!

He has compiled the code for SPARCs running (4.1.1)...LANCE Ethernet
controller only, though. As well, he's got object files for Sun 2's and
Sun 3's running 4.0.*. (I tried the 4.1.1 out on our SLC ... worked
without a glitch!)

All of us who need IP multicasting are going to have to let Sun know...
after all, the changes required to include it are quite minimal and don't
affect users who don't need/use multicasting.


Thanks to: (Pat Stephenson)
david@elroy.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (David Robinson)
bond!daniel@cmcl2.NYU.EDU (Daniel Lichstein)
Steve.Nahm@Eng.Sun.COM (Steve Nahm)
jkay@cs.UCSD.EDU (Jon Kay)

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