SUMMARY: At what OS release....

From: Matt Goheen (
Date: Thu Aug 08 1991 - 19:05:23 CDT

Boy, talk about conflicting answers!!! I got everthing from "it's worked
fine since 4.0" to "it's never worked, don't try it".

Part of the discrepancy lies in the ambiguity of the question. Essentially
there are two interpretations:

        1) Do NFS swap files work when created with "mkfile -n"?

                Yes. Since 4.0.

        2) Do local swap files work when created with "mkfile -n"?

                No. Never.

My question was concerned with local swap files. Of all the respondants (so
far), the only two who understood what I meant to ask AND knew the right
answer(s) were Dick St.Peters and (surprise) Hal Stern.

        Thanks to all,
                James J Dempsey <>
                "Anthony A. Datri" <>
       (Ron Hall)
       (Guy Boudreault)
       (Ed Arnold)
       (Jeff Mittelman)
       (Hal Stern - Consultant)
       (Dick St.Peters)
       (Gene Saunders SE Irvine CA)
                Bill Wichser <>
       (Rick Dunbar)
                "Ric Anderson" <>
                Mike Raffety <>

            Matt Goheen

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