SUMMARY: lots of memory for SparcServer 3xx?

From: Andrew Chan (
Date: Mon Aug 12 1991 - 03:16:31 CDT

I asked a couple of weeks ago about having problems running with
lots of memory by using 4 Meg SIMM on the 3xx series memory board.

Here is the summary:

1. Before anything else, if your TOTAL (CPU + RAM board) system memory
   is more than 56 Meg, you need to have ROM firmware release 3.0.3
   or later. You can order the PROM from Sun.

2. You can have up to 32 Meg on the 3xx CPU board by using 4 Meg SIMM's
   and enable the "4 meg" jumper on the CPU board.

3. If you have one of the VME SIMM RAM memory board that comes with the 3xx
   CPU, you can either populate it with 1 Meg SIMM's or 4 Meg SIMM's.
   Again, you need to set the "4 meg" jumper on the memory board accordingly.

   Because of banking requirement (I think?), you can only populate the
   memory board in 3 ways: 8 Meg, 24 Meg or 48 Meg (1 Meg SIMM)
                           32 Meg, 96 Meg or 192 Meg (4 Meg SIMM)

We are now running at 128 Meg (32 Meg CPU + 96 Meg RAM board) with no
problem at all.

Thanks to all the sun managers who took the time to send us all the helpful
info (in particular about the ROM upgrade).

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