SUMMARY: ScholarPAC SW Support Program

From: Mike Jipping (
Date: Fri Aug 16 1991 - 09:22:36 CDT

Sorry about the long wait on this one, but it's taken me a while to weed
through some red tape at Sun.

My original query was about ScholarPAC, a program of software bundling
and support for academic institutions. The usual path through ScholarPAC
is that you buy SW in the program at special prices and you then get
umbrella support for a special price.

Specifically, my question was

> ...we have not been under their software support program before, and
> have not purchased any of our unbundled products under the ScholarPAC
> program. ... Has anyone "converted" to ScholarPAC program software
> support? Specifically, how do I cover software that was not purchased
> under the ScholarPAC program? Now, after two months, my service rep is
> giving me some mumbo-jumbo about getting "credit" for my unbundled
> software so I can re-purchase it under ScholarPAC.

And I included something that most replies commented on...

> #define FLAME
> This should NOT be this hard!!! I have never NEVER had an easy time
> with support contracts with Sun. Does anyone else have trouble?
> #undef FLAME

Well, first off, all replies I received -- 17 of 'em -- bitched about
their treatment by Sun support (that term labelled an oxymoron by one)
when it comes to contract time. Now, assuming only those pissed off
would reply, I was still was surprised at the level of anger and

But from those who had experience, the answer was that you had to buy
into the ScholarPAC to get ScholarPAC support. Sun has it rigged so that
you can get credit for software you purchased in the past 12 months -- up
to 24 months if you push -- toward the ScholarPAC original purchase
price. For us, this is a big time rip-off. We already have the
software, and only a little bit was purchased in the last year.

SO... Frustrated, I ran up large phone bills to California, but I finally
got permission for just a purchase of ScholarPAC support! I avoided a
high-priced entry into the program for software I already had.
Apparently, this is not standard practice, but it works. So for those
trying to do this, call the head of ScholarPAC: John Wilson, phone (415)
336-0801. He's nice and will even call you back! He sent e-mail to my
sales rep personally to authorize this.

For those who don't know what the ScholarPAC program is, or who want
(semi-)current pricing, I've placed an informational e-mail from my rep
on ( for anonymous FTP under
"/pub/scholarpac.Z". This should clear up a few things. It's
precious..I practically had to sacrifice by first born to get it. It's
current as of 6-14-91.

N.B.: We are still not enrolled in ScholarPAC. There is paperwork that
would make Government redtape a pale pink by comparison. I have been
shifted to yet another representative, and maybe by next March will have
a contract.

Thanks to all those who repsonded. You know who you are; I'm not listing
for length! Thanks especially to Don Baune who sat on the phone with me
chatting for quite a while.

      Mike Jipping
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