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From: Malcolm C. Strickland (
Date: Fri Aug 16 1991 - 09:24:28 CDT

 My problem was that a crash had corrupted the super block.
 I knew about fsck -b # to select an alternate super block.
 But upon a manual reboot I would still get an error of bad
 super block. My question was how to repair the original
 super block.

 There were two schools of thought.

 1) fsck -b # and a reboot will fix the super block.
    I and a number of other people never got this to work.
 2) the method that people had been taught in classes:

    fsck -b # to check the filesystem:
    dump / newfs /restore the filesystem.

 the second method is what worked for me.

 BTW: I knew that 32 was always an alternate super block but
      wandered what I would do if it was also corrupted.
      newfs -N filesystem will act as if it is creating the
      filesystem without writing anything to the disk. Thus
      you can find out what the other alternate superblocks

  this happended on a solbourne with scsi disks. During a
  conversation with a solbourne rep ( trying to isolate the
  cause of the original crash) I was informed not to use partition
  a of any scsi drive but sd0. I was told to make the a partition
  1 cylinder in size and not use it as a real filesystem. There is
  a bug that upon a hard reset will often corrupt the a partition of
  the scsi drives other than sd0.

 thanks for the help:

Malcolm Strickland
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