Re: SUMMARY: DTR/getty problems after modifying zsadtrlow.

From: Guntram Wolski (seidc!
Date: Fri Aug 16 1991 - 16:26:28 CDT

It looks like I summarized too soon. Even after modifying zsadtrlow
to 5, I had DTR not get raised this morning. I have included a
message from Tim Tessin ( who let me know those of us
with 4.1.1 will just have to wait.

My initial message:
> Well, I had tried this and again after some indeterminate amount of
> time, dial outs were failing! uucp would have log entries along the
> lines of "FAILED (generic open)." I didn't get any answers as to what
> the cause might be for me (I did receive some good general answers as
> what to look for when uucp fails like this), so I tried rebooting!
> Wouldn't you know it, everything has been working fine ever since
> (knock wood).

His response:

This probably won't help. There is a bug in the SunOS kernel/getty having to do
with this problem. I have been fighting Sun on this for 3 months! It is
Bug ID1060689. It occurs on ALM-I, ALM-II, SPC/S, Sun3, Sun4 (all 4.1.1) and
I presume, ttya/b (zs). A beta patch is due sometime around the 19th and full
patch probably Sept 1 timeframe. Contact Sun support to get on the list for
information. I believe the problem is in "getty" and it is exacerbated by
CTS/RTS handshaking. Symptoms are CPU drops DTR and leaves it....

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