SUMMARY: crtscts on ALM-2

From: Jim Hickstein (
Date: Mon Aug 19 1991 - 23:55:42 CDT

It turned out that printcap's "ms" capability wasn't at fault, after
all. The "crtscts" control flag was indeed being set, but the ALM-2
only supports this on ports 0-3! Evidently this arises from the
original MCP being a 4-port synchronous device. **** ARGH!!!! ****
This was in fact sort of documented, in the BUGS section in the man
page for mcp(4S), which says:

     Note: pin 4 is used for hardware flow control on ALM-2 ports
     0 through 3. These two pins should not be tied together on
     the ALM end.

which seems to imply (!) that ONLY ports 0-3 support this feature.
Well, experience bears this out, so I think I'll call it a day. Sorry
you all didn't get much of a chance to respond before I figured it out
for myself. I hope this at least helps someone else out of a jam. :-)

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