SUMMARY (2nd) bad super block

From: Malcolm C. Strickland (
Date: Mon Aug 19 1991 - 10:08:08 CDT

 well it seems my summary brought more interesting mail than
 did the original posting.

 original problem:
  due to a hard crash the superblock had been corrupted.
  I did a fsck -b 32 <filesystem>. and successfully checked
  the disk. But upon reboot the system again complained of
  a bad super block. The only way I found to correct the
  problem was to dump/newfs/restore the partition. NOT fun
  on a 500MB partition that is nearly full.

 Question was how do you repair the superblock.

 The most common answer was the method I described above. Not
 the answer I wanted but at least it confirmed what I had found.

 A number of responses indicated that the fsck -b followed by
 a reboot -n , so the disks dont get synced, would fix it. I thought
 so too but couldn't get this to work. I got a response from
 kevins@Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
 and he stated that it is supposed to but was never implemented.

 The way to fix the superblock is to copy a good alternate over
 the primary. I havent actually used this techinique but it seems

>Another more interesting possibility involves using dd like this:
>dd if=/dev/rsd0a skip=32 of=/dev/rsd0a seek=16 count=16

>Note that the "skip" parameter is the number of the alternate superblock,
>seek is the number of the primary superblock (always 16 in SunOS), and count
>is 16 (8192 bytes, the size of the superblock in SunOS). Again, after doing
>something like this through the raw (character) device, you must reboot withOUT
>sync-ing the disks, or the kernel will overwrite what you just fixed with its
>bad, in-memory, copy of the superblock.
> From: Mike Raffety <>

 secondly (Barry Shein) writes:

>You should be able do it with dd in two minutes by just unmounting the
>file system, copying the backup superblock to the missing one, and
>fsck'ing the disk as normal to make sure everything gets updated.
>Or write a fairly trivial C program (see /usr/include/sys/fs.h) which
>just copies the superblock (the disk must be unmounted in either
 A short c program followed but I'll delay distribution until
 I can check it out thouroughly as barry indicates strongly that
 it is not complete and not tested.


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