SUMMARY: tmac.n not in /usr/lib/tmac Solved

Date: Tue Aug 20 1991 - 05:05:03 CDT

A great number of Sun MGR's readers responded, thank you !
Most of these Re:`s mention it's AT&T Proprietary code and not for PD.
( Documentors Work Bench (DWB) )
Some mention PD Clones. (Brendan Kehoe) mentioned a PD set on :
> They're on, in pub/tmac.m, pub/mmt, and pub/mmn.
Indeed there they are !
Henkl@Sun.NL (Henk Langeveld) send me a couple of convertion AWK scripts wich
perform fairly good ! (Joshua Levy's stuff -
Thanx Henk !
Bob Drzyzgula mentioned it SysV, does that mean it will be on the future
SunOS SVR4 :-) ?
Some others mention Xroff, SoftQuad as commercial implementations
You can probably send email to or the same to thank you Brian !
someone mentioned /usr/share/lib/tmac/, but that's only for man pages.
Eric Hanchrow suggested GNU groff, I might grab that one !
I used mm2me and I got something readable, although I got a error message from
Thanx to: (Brendan Kehoe) (Kathy Holle)
Henkl@Sun.NL (Henk Langeveld) (Ken Rossman) Here is your Summ. Ken :-) (Bob Drzyzgula)` (Brian Colfer) (other brian)
Mike Raffety <>
Carl Rigney <>
Eric Hanchrow <yamada-sun!>
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