SUMMARY: Shadow password files in Heterogenous environments.

From: Bill Hart (
Date: Tue Aug 20 1991 - 22:03:38 CDT

Well, I didn't get much of a response to this request. But I did a bit of
hunting around and think I know what the story is. In my original request I
wanted to set up a NIS shadow password map for a heterogenous environment.
Not that I'm obsessed about security, it just seems plain dumb to have your
encrypted passwords lying about in plain view. At the moment I use the Sun
C2 passwd.adjunct file (after knackering the audit daemon), but no other
vendor seems to support this with their NIS implementations. I got hold of
the bsd distribution "shadow" password stuff, but that doesn't support NIS,
and the thought of trying to make it do so made me feel a little faint.

So the answer seems to basically be if you want to have hidden encrypted
password files in a heterogenous environment using NIS, forget it. Pity
it seems like such a trivial modification to make.

Thanks to all those who replied, and if some one can dispute my conclusion
feel free.

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