SUMMARY: Size limit on lpr

From: Meg Grice (
Date: Fri Aug 23 1991 - 17:45:05 CDT

Sun Managers,

Thanks for your help.

I got alot of answers to my questions including RMTF. I have
included one of the responses that sums up the answer. Sorry
if this question was too simple. I needed to get a manual
printed out to help solve another problem.

Meg Grice
Unix Sys Admin, UMKC
(816) 235-5212

>From Fri Aug 23 14:42:05 1991
>It's the "mx" parameter in /etc/printcap. If you don't want a limit, use
> :mx#0:
>If you're using a remote printer, you'll need the :mx#0: on both your
>machine and the printer-spooler's machine.
>If you're on the same machine as the printer, you can work around the limit
>by spooling a symbolic link, with the "-s" switch to lpr.

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