SUMMARY: Audio-CD -> internal loudspeaker?

Date: Tue Aug 27 1991 - 03:09:52 CDT

The original question was:
|> Having just plugged in a SUN-CD and started to play around with the
|> demo-cd, a questions pops up.
|> Is there any way to output the audio-files to the internal loudspeaker
|> in the SS2? ( Yes, I know how dreadful it sounds....)

The answer seems to be No, unless the SUN-CD is hardwired to the audio-input
on the SPARCstation.

One suggestion was to do the above mentioned, and then by using
'cat < /dev/audio > /dev/audio' output the audiosignal to the loudspeaker.

A more pleasant way is of course to connect the CD (via a line attenuator)
to an external amplifier...

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Hank Shiffman (Hank.Shiffman@Eng.Sun.COM)

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