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Date: Wed Aug 28 1991 - 16:56:27 CDT

SLIP can be found in the following locations:

uunet:/usr/spool/ftp/networking ( pub/slip-4.0.tar.Z pub/sun/slip4.0.shar
Sun User Group

SLIP is actually working in the following locations:
--------------------------------------------------- wrote: is a Sun 3/80 connected to the internet via Cslip to
a Sun 4/330 over a 9600 baud modem. wrote:
We have run SLIP now using a Telebit NetBlazer which is an inexpensive
router(ca $3K). It was painless and the kernal did not have to be hacked
to include the SLIP software which is required for a software only

drk@Rational.COM pointed me to the sun-spots archives on

msm@Energetic.COM wrote:
I have sucessfully used SLIP on
4.0.3 and 4.0.2 on both 386i and Sun3, but I haven't tried it on a
sun4. The slip stuff included with PCNFS (not the current v3.5)
didn't originally work; by the time sun supplied a patch, I had
already gotten the slipware package (public domain obtained from working. wrote:
We are using the SunOS 4.1 Beta version I retreived from RIACS a few weeks
ago. We have not come across any serious problems, but the use is fairly
limited. wrote:
I took slip from and run it on my standalone Sun 4/60.
Works great, but of course the shortcomings intrinsic to slip will
soon make me switch to either PPP or cslip. wrote:
One of my co-workers has used SLIP on our SPARCs and on a Sun 4/260.

Hal Stern wrote:
you can't use the PC/NFS code on a sun -- it's really meant to
be used with PC/NFS.
your best bet is to pick up CSLIP from; i've
installed it in a few places and it works very well wrote:
I'm using SLIP on a Sparc2 running SunOS 4.1.1 with no difficulty. I
don't know about the SLIP that came packaged with the PC-NFS software,
as I am using "slip4.0.tar.Z" which I ftp'd from quite a
while ago. wrote:
We have SLIP running on over 20 Sun4cs around campus. Most of these
are running sun OS 4.1.1 or 4.1. I have not had any problems with it.

If you are going to the
expense of leasing a line you might want to consider purchasing Sunlink
Internetwork Router software. wrote:
I've run SLIP on a Sparc 2 without any troubles. I used a direct
Rs232 null modem cable, not a dialup. The package I used was
slip-4.1-beta.tar.Z The originating location for this is: but there are a number of U.S. sites
that have it, such as uunet. Try archie to locate more.
One caution, some early versions had a typo in slip-attach.c in
line 154. It should say:
if(ioctl(sfd,I+PUSH,"slipen") < 0) {
The type said "slipe" instead. This resulted in a mismatch with
some other code so you got errors that said something like "can't
find slipe connection."

drs@Rational.COM wrote:
I have a multiport transceiver and a 3Com bridge box.

Excerpts from Sun-spots:

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 87 13:10:56 PST
From: Brent Chapman <capmkt!>
Subject: SLIP and vt100tool are both on the '87 Sun User Group tape
SLIP and vt100tool (and lots of other good and useful stuff) are both on
the '87 Sun User Group tape, which SUG started making available at their
conference in San Jose earlier this month.

You can reach the Sun User Group at:

        Sun Microsystems User Group, Inc.
        2550 Garcia Avenue, MS 10-16
        Mountain View, CA, USA 94043
        +1 415 960 1300

Brent Chapman                                   Capital Market Technology, Inc.
Senior Programmer/Analyst                       1995 University Ave., Suite 390
{lll-tis,ucbvax!cogsci}!capmkt!brent            Berkeley, CA  94704
capmkt!brent@{,} Phone:  415/540-6400

Date: Fri, 15 Jul 88 02:55:45 EDT From: sunvice!cordis! (Gls Gary_Schaps_2157) Try the sun-spots archives! Under "sun-source" there is a shar file called "slip.shar". It can be retrieved via anonymous FTP from the host "" or via the archive server. For more information about the archive server, send a mail message containing the word "help" to the address "". --wnl

Date: Tue, 17 Jan 89 15:24:13 PST From: [[ There are two versions of a SLIP "driver" in the Sun-Spots archives, both freely redistributable. One is for SunOS 3.x and the other is for SunOS 4.0 and beyond. The latter is still an "alpha test" version and a few bugs in it have already been reported. They are both stored under "sun-source". "slip.shar" is 38471 bytes and is for SunOS 3.x. "slip4.0.shar" is 43344 bytes and is for SunOS 4.0. They can be retrieved via anonymous FTP from the host "" or via the archive server. For more information about the archive server, send a mail message containing the word "help" to the address "". --wnl ]]

Date: Sat, 10 Jun 89 16:48:38 EDT From: Rayan Zachariassen <> Subject: SLIP sliding away... People interested in running SLIP under SunOS 4.0 may wish to retrieve the file pub/slipware.tar.Z by anon. FTP to ( -rw-r--r-- 1 root 756689 Jun 10 16:20 slipware.tar.Z This is a collection of tar files that should be "everything you would ever need to run SLIP on a Sun". The individual components are also available in the same location: -rw-r--r-- 1 root 297054 Jun 10 16:19 gated.tar.Z -rw-r--r-- 1 root 27125 Jun 10 16:19 slip-3.x.tar.Z -rw-r--r-- 1 root 25933 Jun 10 16:19 slip-4.0.tar.Z -rw-r--r-- 1 root 87827 Jun 10 16:19 tip.tar.Z -rw-r--r-- 1 root 307534 Jun 10 16:19 yapt5.5c.tar.Z The :readme file from slipware.tar: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Files in this collection (890610): gated.tar - GATEway Daemon ( slip-3.x.tar - SLIP for SunOS 3.x slip-4.0.tar - SLIP for SunOS 4.0 (1.14) tip.tar - TIP w/ SLIP support yapt5.5c.tar - SunOS 4.0.[012] serial line patch tape (by permission) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note that gated, slip*, and tip, are all publically redistributable, and the Sun YAPT5.5c patch tape contents are included by OK from Sun people. I consider this version of SunOS 4.0 STREAMS SLIP to be Release quality. It is highly unlikely there are bugs in it, so before you send me mail about something please double check yourself, or use other resources. I will NOT send out copies by mail, but am sending the SLIP and TIP packages to comp.sources.unix for posting. Perhaps slipware or components will show up at various archive servers. If you wish to contribute improvements or send an electronic postcard, I'm Rayan Zachariassen <> Yours for Better connectivity through SLIPpage.

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 90 10:07:21 EDT From: We've seen 1.3-1.5Kbps on FTP transfers between SPARCs connected by Trailblazer Plusses using PPP. Interactive traffic is reasonable.

Date: Tue, 9 Oct 90 13:55:23 EDT From: We see very reasonable performance using Telebit Trailblazer Plusses between Suns, but only with more modern stuff than SLIP. Lots of folks use generic V.32 modems, with or without MNP5 data compression. Don't bother with Classic SLIP (RFC1055), which will give poor performance over any connection. At least use header compression (RFC1144), or better yet, avoid SLIP altogether and use PPP (RFC1171).

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