summary:pcanywhere for sun

Date: Thu Aug 29 1991 - 11:27:59 CDT

Thanks to all who replied to my request for information on any tools
that allow 2 Suns to have identical displays by communicating over
RS-232 ( NOT ethernet ). Many people didnt understand why anyone would
want to do this. I know its not really practical, but it really is
necessary for the application in mind. Others suggested a couple of
products available, which is exactly what I wanted.

Matt Wette suggested a product called ppp-Sparc4.1 available via
anonymous ftp from

Matt Goheen suggested 'xmx' and SLIP.

Birger suggested a free product called 'shX'.

Most everyone else wanted more information on why I was doing it
this way. I cant really explain.
Thanks to everyone who did reply ( I hope I didnt forget anyone ).

 --- Wyllys Ingersoll

Thanks to:
---------- make rs232 act like ethernet ppp-Sparc4.1.tar.Z @ xmx and SLIP shX

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