SUMMARY: insuring equipment against fire/theft

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Date: Thu Aug 29 1991 - 14:31:21 CDT

Original query

>One of our users wants to take a SUN IPC offsite for awhile.
>His grant requires that the equipment be insured, but the local
>insurance broker I spoke to did not know anybody who would underwrite
>a policy covering just the computer.
>Another user suggested that he had seen adds for such policies in
>SUN Review, or someplace. Does anybody have any experience with this?

Immediate answer

> I used to insure my home computers through a company
> called Safeware. ... the number is 1-800-848-3469.

> They specialize in computer equipment.


I called them and coverage on $10k of computer equipment at any location
would be about $109/year.

Other answers

Somebody else also suggested Safeware. Many suggested that I be sure
and check existing policies covering the premises, perhaps for unrealized
coverage or to add a rider. It was also suggested that purchasing a
homeowners or tenants policy might provide coverage.

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