SUMMARY: automatic optimazation change

Date: Fri Aug 30 1991 - 10:11:55 CDT

Well, the responses have dwindled so it's time for the summary! First the
original posting:

-> I have a curiosity question. This morning my /home filesystem began
-> to fill as it is wont to do and I get the following message:

-> Aug 20 08:35:02 phillies vmunix: /home: optimization changed from TIME to SPACE

-> Now, I know about file systems and what the message means, and I also know
-> how to manually change it back. My question is: Does the kernel ever change
-> it back? If so, are the conditions a simple threshold value or is it like
-> a safety valve which stays open to a certain point?

-> As I said, I'm just curious! I'll summarize later.

I got four messages over the last week and even a code fragment to answer
the last part. The gist of it is that yes it does change back. I have
just never seen it change back nor have I noticed in any logfiles.

Thanks to to following for their responses:

Brendan Kehoe <> (Ralph Finch) (Steve Campbell)

and thanks to (Guy Harris) for the code fragments from the
Tahoe release.


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