Summary: Openwin on Xterm locks host

From: Oran Davis (
Date: Tue Sep 03 1991 - 20:59:50 CDT

The Question:

>I have an NCD17C xterm connected to a SparcStation II/GX running 4.1.1 with
>Openwindows V2.0. If the user on Xterm starts his/hers Openwin sessions
>*BEFORE* the guy on the CPU which is running the clients for the Xterm, starts
>his/hers openwin session. The user on the Sun is locked out of his keyboard.

The Select Answer: (

* Please be careful when you are using X from a terminal or PC that *
* you don't start a console window. There is a bug in SunOS which *
* means you will render the real console locked. There is a security *
* patch for SunOS 4.1 which solves this problem. I am looking for *
* a 4.0.3 version of the patch. *
* *
* HINT: "openwin-term" will start your X session without a console *
* window, while leaving your .openwin-init file unaffected (so you *
* will still get the console window when you use "openwin" on the *
* genuine console). *

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