SUMMARY: 128 Mbyte in new SPARC2?

From: Tony Rick (tonyr@tekadg.ADG.TEK.COM)
Date: Thu Sep 05 1991 - 13:39:10 CDT

My original article said:

>In July Sun announced enhanced products in the SPARC family (SPARC2,
>ELC, IPX etc.). That announcement indicated that A SPARC2 could be
>configured with up to 128 Mbyte. Does anyone know what the physical
>configuration of this memory is? Does it require expansion boards?
>Does it use 4Mbyte or 16 Mbyte SIMMs? Can it be populated with 3rd
>party SIMMs?

I got several replies. Thanks to all. I think I got back to all of
you individually.

There are 16 slots on the SPARC2 motherboard for 4Mbyte SIMMS for the first
64Mbyte. For expansion memory up to 128Mbyte there is a SUN
product that comes in two parts. One is a 32Mbyte SBUS card (X132W),
and the other is a 32Mbyte piggyback card (X133W). I think these are
not SIMM banks, but surface mounted. At any rate there is no partial
configuration at less than 32Mbyte granularity on those cards. SUN list
price, according to the July announcement, is $6400 for each 32Mbyte
expansion piece ( that's $12800 to go from 64Mb to 128Mb).

The SPARC2 now comes with 32Mb standard, and there is a 16Mb upgrade
product (X116W, 4Mb SIMMs) for $3500. So, unless I forgot how to do
arithmetic or have misinterpreted this information, SUN gets $19800 (list)
to upgrade from 32Mb to 128Mb, ouch! :-( .

Fortunately Dataram has an alternative. The product, DR475, has the same
configuration, but the prices are less than half of SUN's. A 32Mbyte
chunk is $2690 and the 64Mbyte chunk is $5380 (totally linear, dude!)
I called Dataram at the NJ number (800-822-0071), and the person there
found my local rep for me.

Third party 4Mb SIMMs for the first 64Mb, of course( 70ns, or some
80ns?), find your best deal.

Tony Rick
Tektronix, Inc. Beaverton, OR
voice:(503) 627-2942

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